Admin Panel

admin panel

Admin panel


The create panel allows you to create content for your site it has a RTE (Rich Text Editor) that supports

  • Text
  • HTML and Inline CSS
  • Images
  • And video.

This panel is also where you create additional users and you can add questions/answers to your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.


User’s Permissions

Admin User: Is a full access account that has full control of the sites Admin panel and full control to all of its functions: Admin Users can: Create, Edit/Modify, and Delete

Contributor Is a limited access account. Contributor User can only create/add. However a Contributor User cannot add a new page, create a new user, or modify/delete anything.

Designer Is a limited access account. Designer User can only use the design panel.




A full range of options in this panel allows you to edit existing content. This is also where you can delete anything you do not want. Note* Content that is delete is completely gone and must be reentered from the Create/Add panel.


Items you have added can be sorted to allow quick browsing of your sites content.



The Designer Panel allows you to work with the actual code of your site. Right in the browser! You can add custom HTML, PHP, or create custom JavaScript files to use in your site Helium keeps them external so you can write once and reuse throughout your site and easily manage or edit your custom JavaScript files and functions. You even add your favorite JavaScript library like JQuery, Dojo, or MooTools.


The Designer Panel also gives you tools s that you never have to leave your browser. Sumo Paint for Browser Based graphic creation and editing, also every page you create in Helium is available to be edited independently from your other pages. Perfect for a custom home page or specialty promo page for your site.


Theme Builder

Don’t like the default look, want to change it? Want to create a look you can switch to when you feel like it? That is what the Theme Builder panel is for. Use the Theme Builder to create a reusable theme for your site that can be switched on and off with a click. Add custom images and colors to create the look and feel you want. As you build you theme be sure to preview it by simply clicking on the name.  You can create multiple themes for different times of the year or for special events. When your theme is complete simply click publish theme to make it available. It is that easy. With Theme Builder and Designer you can have absolutely custom site in no time with a fully functional CMS to help make updating easy.


Site Settings

Site settings are the easy way to get to turn Helium features on and off. Also this is where you choose the theme you want to use for your site.



Helium leverages PayPal to provide simple e-commerence, you can use the E-Com panel to create and add items. You can even create and add your PayPal button.  

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Admin Panel

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